Make work FLOW

with the Advanced Team Mapping workshop

Solve problems BEFORE they happen using our Advanced Team Mapping facilitated workshop. In our workshop we will introduce your organization to value stream mapping: the most powerful visual mapping

approach to plan and prioritize improvement in your organization.

Our team workshops produce a more accurate diagnosis of flow inside your business, and in the process empower and engage your team to do something about it.

Who It's for

Advanced Team Problem Solving will help you achieve the following in 6 weeks or less:

● Businesses, COO’s, managers, directors that are looking to grow sustainably, without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

● The business isn’t ready for a full lean implementation, but targeting a specific process would help to introduce Lean thinking to the organization.

● You want your team to start building new skills in Lean and process engineering but don't want to wait months before you see progress. 

What it helps you achieve

Mapping as a team with guided facilitation will help you achieve the following in a single 3-5 day workshop:

● A realistic plan to achieve higher quality, customer service and reduce costs, within days, weeks and months from the single workshop!

● Mobilize a team in a positive workshop that is empowering and engaging

● Develop a core team of VSM experts that can bring a Lean mindset to all corners of the business

● Stop wasteful activity in your processes and start increasing productivity

● Improve quality, reduce lead times and reduce costs

● Reduce the risk to your business and serve your customers better with higher quality and productivity

● Create teamwork, across your business, not just in a single department

● Start eliminating waste and put focus back on creating more value for your customers.

● Stop firefighting and burn-out and start growing your business.

What clients are saying

"The kind of understanding and clarity we got from Value Stream Mapping was incredible. With a visual map, the whole team was able to quickly see how our process was hurting the business in time and money, but more importantly, it also showed us exactly what needed to be done, and in what order, for us to make the process work for us.

We kept the map up for months after the event, and it helped us drive better conversations."

How it works

Similar to problem solving, Team Mapping begins with selecting an actual process that needs improvement. We work with your team, train them on Lean concepts and mapping, and we will collect data on their process. It all comes together in a single workshop where the team will apply their knowledge to map out a better process and a clear plan to get there.

● Live, facilitated, process mapping gives a deeper understanding of waste and value in your business.

● Creates a safe space so you can have more productive, objective conversations that drives progress.

● Address long-standing issues and talk about waste in your processes in an objective way, with data.

● Have a positive and memorable experience so teams are more committed to implementation of action plans.

Advanced Team Mapping gives you everything you need

● Content: 4-week online pre-work and training sessions.

Facilitation: guided step-by-step facilitation and instruction in a 3-5 day workshop. Training is recorded and can be provided to clients after the event.

Tools: Get all the tools and templates required to get teams to map your processes

Coaching: 1 x 2-hour weekly Q&A calls on Zoom where you can ask questions and get answers.

Accountability: Get an accountability partner who will hold the team accountable as they prepare for the event. 

Community: Discover a community of Lean professionals in organizations worldwide

Support: Get 24/7 support via the community or email/chat with a highly skilled coach.

How to get started

If you’re working in an existing business, with >$10000 revenue/month, and your employees need to work better, together, to improve processes, schedule a call using the calendar. Our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if Advanced Team Mapping is a good fit. If you have any questions, email

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